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  1. Only to update how Spain is working on BIM progress, Catalonia -as a region- is already working on developing the Declaration for a BIM Mandate approved by 5 different public administrations (local, municipal, regional, cartography, Housing Agency) at the end of the European BIM Summit held in Barcelona in mid February. The inactivity from Spanish Central Government obliged people and institutions concerned with the future of building sector to create a new pathway.
    Next week, a BIM Task Force panel is established in Barcelona.
    We can update the info when you require.

  2. Trying to change this industry in Germany since decades I have to say that in my opinion the german DIN discussion seems to be a pretext to stop bringing transparency into (large) projects. The german laws allow enough freedom to implement bim-practice into projects. It is study-proved and Procedere in several projects. The diversity of building landscape and the lobbyism of the huge group of organizations are to be watched narrowly.
    Thank you for this summary!

  3. The spanish goverment, with domestic private enterprises, created, in July 2015 BIM National Commission to promote, unify, define the BIM implementation throughout the national territory.
    They are developing documents, standards, training plans, etc besides strategy planning, phases and dates of implementation.
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