‘Wholesale changes needed’ – construction reacts to damning Hackitt report

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  1. Who turned the 111 page 1972 building regs (every one with a ‘shall’ in it) into the current mountain of deemed to satisfy, may, and alternative compliances? And why?

    Those are the key questions, and if not answered and addressed, then we will not get change.

  2. The comply by any other means is also open to interpretation . I have a case at present where I am told that a building doesn’t need a new main board because it was built and designed under 16th edition. We are almost on 18th edition. How can we ask our sparks to test to 16th edition. Surely when regs change then any works should be carried out to the current regs. … argument against this is about sheer cost metal consumer units needed when it wasn’t to long ago it was install plastic boards… and as for a competent person lol

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