Video | Gingerbread house equipped with heat pump and solar panels

A festive vegan gingerbread house complete with ‘sustainable’ technologies such as a gingerbread heat pump and solar panels has been created to highlight sustainable retrofitting measures that homeowners can undertake.

Created by a professional baker, the gingerbread house showcases other eco-friendly measures such as rainwater collection, an EV charging point and a wild garden.

It has been made for creative agency Given, to feature on its Christmas card.

Becks Williams, creative director at Given, said: “Representing serious and important planet-saving innovations for the home and how we live there using gingerbread and icing is not only Christmassy, it makes sustainable changes appealing and accessible.”

The finished sustainable gingerbread house shown in the film will feature in Given’s The Uncook Book: How to Unbake the Planet, as pro-baker Kylie Alla’s entry.

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