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TL event shows collaboration is key to engaging future talent

Tomorrow’s Leaders London
Anjali Pindoria: “We can enable others to flourish in the industry”

The collaboration between industry and academia was the topic for Tomorrow’s Leaders London’s third annual event with affiliated London universities recently.

Discussions on engagement and the year ahead took place at the event, which was attended by CIOB chief executive Caroline Gumble as well as the Tomorrow’s Leaders (TL) community and CIOB staff.

TL representative Anjali Pindoria, senior projects surveyor at Avi Contracts, highlighted the year ahead for TL London and chaired the discussions. Antonia Lanyiova, CIOB’s qualifications liaison manager, London & South, presented on the engagement model for academics.

“Cohesive thought and collaboration are fundamental to ensuring a strong pipeline of talent in our industry so it was great to strengthen the bond between academia and industry,” Pindoria said.

“Collaboration was a key theme to the event and that by integrating more we can enable others not only to flourish in the industry but to enter.”

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