#PPEthatfits: construction professionals share their experiences

Earlier this month, CIOB, Construction Management and CIOB People launched #PPEthatfits – a campaign to address widespread inequalities in PPE provision across the construction industry.

#PPEthatfits calls for PPE that fits the wearer properly – regardless of their gender, culture, religion, size or shape – is safe and complies with health and safety regulations.

The initiative is encouraging people working in construction who have experienced inadequate PPE to share their experiences and ideas for change.

Here is a round-up of some of the comments that readers have shared to date on CM, CIOB People and social media.

Two comments that say:
I well remember a CIOB Lancashire & Cumbria Centre evening visit to the ‘Bay Gateway’ (link from the M6 to Heysham dock), where Barbara Entwistle and myself struggled into oversized, too long, but too tight in all the wrong places PPE. After a good half hour and with the help of several people, we were ready to go. ‘Well, at the least gloves fit’, said Barbara. Sums it up really!

Jane Hopwood FCIOB, July 3, 2023 (Edit)
Oh my word Jane, that brings back some memories, I had more skins on than an onion, it was a boiling hot night, and I was already in the middle of going through that strange experience of the dreaded menopause. I had to lie down at one point as I could go on no further… And the crutch of the trousers was down to my knees. However, the hat, glasses and gloves did fit.

Barbara Entwistle FCIOB, July 3, 2023 (Edit)
Two CM readers recall their experience of poor PPE during a site visit
LinkedIn comment from Peter Kelly that reads: As someone who is proud to have a high proportion of female professionals in the team, like sanitary products on site, this is surely an easy win to support women in our industry!
The campaign is also encouraging allies to support #PPEthatfits
A project manager and FCIOB shares her frustration at the lack of construction footwear for women
A Twitter conversation thread.
Responding to a post on Twitter, director of strategy and innovation at ISG, Helen Gawor, says that adequate PPE is not just about size
LinkedIn comment that says: It’s not just the antiquated views of company buyers, but also of some of the manufacturers themselves. I have been to countless Women’s PPE forums and each time the manufacturers and suppliers have a rake of excuses as to why their products are designed the way they are. More often than not they have told me - an operational woman who wears PPE - that I am the only one that thinks their trousers are too long/jackets aren’t suitable/the ‘cinching’ of the waist isn’t something we want!
Inadequate PPE provision is not just a problem for contractors but also manufacturers, thinks this senior construction manager

Show your support for #PPEthatfits

We want to hear from CM readers about your experiences with PPE – whether it’s PPE that doesn’t fit properly or innovative manufacturers which are producing inclusive PPE.

Get in touch with Nadine Buddoo or Cristina Lago. Alternatively, share your stories on social media and support the campaign, using the hashtag #PPEthatfits.

Story for CM? Get in touch via email: [email protected]

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