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Manchester covid research welcomes member views

Tier 2 and 3 contracting organisations and clients will be focus of second phase of research
The research project is based at the Thomas Ashton Institute, University of Manchester
The research project is based at the Thomas Ashton Institute, University of Manchester

CIOB members from the University of Manchester have investigated the impact of the covid-19 pandemic on the UK construction sector.

Their research report – Keeping the UK Building Safely – brings together evidence of the pandemic’s impact, experiences of contractor and client responses and views from a trade union and HSE inspectors to inform the covid-19 National Core Studies programme led by the government chief scientist, Sir Patrick Vallance.

The research focused on tier 1 contracting organisations but the next phase will involve detailed studies on tier 2 and 3 contracting organisations and their clients. The team is working with the CIOB and welcomes members’ participation.

The work is conducted by Dr Richard Kirkham, past chair of the Liverpool CIOB Hub, Dr William Collinge MCIOB, lecturer in project management, and Professor Neil Bourne.

The research focused on five key workstreams identified through engagement with HSE and industry stakeholders: transmission of covid-19; the use of technology as a shield; data and simulation to model transmission on sites; leadership; and construction project delivery.

Evidence was collected in the form of survey and interview data gathered from four principal contractor organisations.

The study revealed six global themes and 18 sub-themes that highlight practical challenges facing the sector as it prepares for the reopening of the UK economy.

The six areas are: the context of the construction sector; organisational culture; communication; best safety practice and technology use; contractual partnerships; and multilevel challenges in responding to covid-19.

Keeping the UK Building Safely was about to be published as CM went to press. If you would like to receive a copy, contact [email protected]. If you are interested in contributing to the second phase of the research contact the team at [email protected].

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