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CIOB CEO learns about IT and comms at Hinkley Point C

CIOB Hinkley Point
Hinkley Point C in Somerset welcomed CIOB chief executive Caroline Gumble

CIOB chief executive Caroline Gumble took a trip to the Hinkley Point C site (HPC) in Somerset recently.

She was invited by Kevin Saron FCIOB from Telent Technology Services, which is delivering the IT and comms solution for the nuclear power station project. She visited Telent’s offsite pre-staging and warehouse facility as well as the site.

Saron explained: “We are providing, across the whole estate when finished, anything that involves communication such as various radio, wired and wireless networks, IPTV, sound-powered telephones and announcement systems.”

He added: “Caroline came to see the challenges IT and comms face in the modern construction industry, with many new builds not fully understanding the impact networks, radio and comms have on the overall scope and schedule.

“In most people’s lives today, having wifi and networks is as important as having electricity and water, and the space and room for expansion are not always considered in the early planning and costing activities.”

Gumble said: “It was great to understand the work on the infrastructure and the delivery of digital and comms technology.

She added: “We also talked about many of the issues related to the skills gap – employing apprentices and supporting those just entering the industry and how to build and develop a team.”

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