Brick made from 90% recycled construction waste launched

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  1. Cost not mentioned ?

  2. Says nothing about how it’s made?
    Will there be enough builders waste to sustain this?

  3. the K brick looks a lot like the concrete bricketes we already use for finding floor heights and levelling across lintels when conventional block work doesn’t work. Is the k brick porous ? if so maybe it needs to be used internally as feature walling. It may work on projects with a warmer climate. We did use the concrete bricks on a project for mizen in popular, East London as face work nice effect.
    Many Thanks
    Will Alsop

  4. Nice idea if it works!
    Always sceptical of something for nothing.
    Only questions for what appears to be missing from the article are:
    1. What effect does the binder have on the environment?
    2. How long will the brick last for? Is there a guarantee? British Standard? European standard – if we are allowed to export it next week?
    3. How like a clay brick does it behave?
    4. What load will it carry?
    5. How better than a clay brick is the insulation?
    6. How long will it maintain its integrity in sunlight? Even Scotland gets some sometimes.
    7. How does it behave in fire?
    8. How is it cut and what are the health risks?
    9. Why are savings for the construction industry qualified by only “related taxes”

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