Zero launches net-zero construction playbook

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Zero, the carbon- and innovation-focused working group, has launched its interactive playbook for net-zero construction.

Zero co-founder and WSP technical director – digital services lead, Johnathan Munkley, described the playbook as “action-orientated”. It features contributions from more than 100 built environment professionals and is designed to reduce embodied carbon on construction projects. It focuses on six key topics or pillars:

  • leadership;
  • design;
  • measurement;
  • people;
  • construction;
  • innovation.

Each pillar breaks down into 10 modules. A further four pillars – circularity, materials, finance and digital – will be added in the short term.

The playbook is hosted on the platform. It is intended to be a living document that can be regularly queried by members and updated.

The playbook can be accessed by signing up to become a Zero member, which is free of charge.

Increasing carbon literacy

Speaking at the virtual launch, another Zero co-founder, Matthew Jackson, said: “The purpose of Zero is [to address] how we can decarbonise construction. What are the steps that we can take to make this a reality? We want to do this by increasing carbon literacy.”

He noted that this first version of the playbook is “knowingly imperfect”. It will become more refined as more members interact with it, Jackson said.

The playbook references the many standards and guides that already exist in the space, but it is not meant to be a competitor, he said.

Munkley added: “The key point is that the playbook is not going to have all the answers, but it is a place to start the conversation.”

To improve engagement and understanding of net-zero and embodied-carbon issues, Zero has developed a Top Trumps-style card game. Each card details key information and action points from the playbook. Jackson said the game is “designed for boardrooms, construction teams and school rooms”.

Zero, along with the card game, will be exhibiting at both UK Construction Week and Digital Construction Week in May.

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