Witnessing a model construction project

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  1. Was RBC Chairman in California for 30 yrs, Can testify that in over the 100 projects we built in that time there was complete unity and respect among all those on the construction site, My own wife worked in the HVAC dept, for years and enjoyed it immensily.

    Without a doubt,the unity and love shared among men and women in the
    construction depts.along with deep respect was based on their deep love
    of their creator and the desire to bring honor to his name

  2. Truly amazing

  3. Visited the site last October. It’s just beautiful and so calm and orderly. All done why voluntary monetary donations. Amazing in this day and age.

  4. Yes, there are a lot of women on the site. But ask if there is a single one working as supervisor or team lead. You will find any. (Expect maybe for a team with only women)

  5. Sehr schöner Bericht. Macht mich als frisch pensionierten Architekten neugierig das Ergebnis bald vor Ort zu sehen. Danke

  6. Hello, interesting article. I’m from Chile and I can say that everywhere you go JW people work the same way. Highly motivated, with a smile, kindness is a must. It is a big difference when making money is not the purpose, but give glory to the One they serve. Congrats!

  7. Langham Trevor, the Witnesses believe that what they are doing is actually a project run by a government—God’s Kingdom.

  8. Amazing. This is a great project it shows what can be accomplished when an organization is in unity.

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  10. Amazing. I would be very interested to see the training that is given to the plant operators. Is it a recognised qualification that can be taken to other construction sites or is it in house and means that when the job is finished they go back to doing whatever it was they did before?

  11. It is quite amazing what a motivated team can achieve, which I have noticed over the years. In this instance they are motivated by their religion. Self build for the JW’s is nothing new and even on the scale of the Colchester project. Take a brief look at the JW website and you will see that they have built in 120 countries and in some pretty remote locations.

  12. Martin, as One of Jehovah’s witnesses I can attest to the fact that any qualifications are usually recognized. You could ask by using the contact details here

  13. You can’t but feel an overwhelming sense of pride just reading the article let alone the privilege it must be in being part of a great piece of history. Wish I could be there xx

  14. You have to give it to the Witnesses. Whether you agree with their beliefs or not. They practice what they preach.

  15. Really amazing, looking forward to our visit in June of his year 2019.

  16. What a refreshing article to read on International Women’s Day. Think what you may, but JW’s seem to be ahead of the pack in their respect for women, family, community and the environment. Well done. Keep up your good work.

  17. Hello Martin!

    Great question! Typically, persons who work on these construction projects are able to parlay their training to outside projects but most of these volunteers are full time volunteers that live on-site. This means that they are trained in other departments where they might be useful. Nothing goes to waste human resources wise.
    However, since there are so many building projects all over the world, they are kept quite busy with the training they are given.

  18. Martin Fulford, I have not personally volunteered on a large project but I have friends that do. They volunteer for everything from large projects to smaller Kingdom Halls to disaster relief. What a person does after their time is up to them. I have friends that go for a short time and come home. Others end up being able to make themselves available for “on call” projects and they go when their skill set is needed. It really is an amazing thing to see and is not found anywhere else.

  19. This is sounds great. Religious belief can be a powerful motivator. My dad spent years volunteering at weekends as a tradesman on self build projects for the witnesses, but to the detriment of his own business, and family’s wellbeing. In his eighties, when he needed help with his own small 3 room property there were no volunteers from the witnesses coming forward.
    Also, I’m glad women get to drive diggers, sounds fun. However, within congregations they are not given equality, and are not allowed to hold the same positions of responsibility as men. They have to be in “subjection” to men. Which might explain why a women on site was being patronised by her male workmate.

  20. As a Civil Engineering graduate and an Alumni of Loughborough University, I have always enjoyed working as a volunteer on Kingdom Hall and Assembly Hall projects, mostly in a non-professional capacity.
    Brothers and sisters in the faith have always worked together on these projects as far back as I can remember, but this is the first time I have seen sisters driving construction machinery,now they seem to have expanded their talents. Good on them!

  21. Jane, I can’t comment on your father’s situation because I obviously don’t know the facts, but I do know that JWs often help those not of the same belief with rebuilding their homes etc in areas of disaster around the world. With regard to women being in subjection to men in the congregations this is based on scripture and not because they personally view women as inferior in any way. Men themselves are also in subjection to Christ and must treat their wives (and all women) with love and respect as Jesus did his disciples.

  22. One of the comments is way behind the times. Women are not subservient to men in rhe Truth. Either you follow what the Bible says in all things or not in any. Thats why the world is in such a state. People pick and choose what laws to obey. To me Women’s jobs are the most important jobs in the world. What could be more important than taking care of those we love. I wouldnt want to trade with the men. Too much responsibility and stress when it comes to taking care of the Congregation. Working on projects is done willingly. No one forces you. I would love to help, but unable too owing to poor health. Us helping also keeps the cost of building new Kingdom Halls and places like Chelmsford to a minimum. Thus Enabling more help to be sent across the world during times of disasters. As for your dads business. He was old enough to decide for himself what he did with his time and he must have loved every minute of it or he wouldn’t have done it for so long. And many times Brothers have helped us around the home with things we couldn’t manage. But of course their not being mind readers, we had to ask for help. But old age pride sometimes stops us asking. Go see the project at Chelmsford being built for yourself. All are welcome. Yes even Women.

  23. I work for the 5th biggest construction company in the world, Bouygues, and because of the positive effect that this development is having and will have with the local community, they are happy for their employees to take two paid days off during the year to help with this amazing project. It is not by chance that this project won the very first innovation credit for a community scheme, thanks to the environmental benefits.

  24. Fantastic if governments were as well organised as this there would be no problems.

  25. Impressive though the construction is, more so is the friendliness and camaraderie shown on the site. Material things may need constant maintenance and sometimes collapse due to natural disasters (not that I expect such a calamity in this case). However, the kind of love shown here never fails and enriches life far more than any building can do. It must be said though that the site reflects that love and in great measure an impressive respect for the environment.

  26. I delivered a Lorry Driver’s CPC training course this week. Two of the guys (non Witnesses) enthused about delivering to this site regularly. They told me ‘All the plant ops are women – all of them, everywhere. No men at all! The project is absolutely amazing and is absolutely [rather] huge. (One word has been altered there for obvious reasons). They regret they haven’t been for a little while but hope to very soon.

  27. Working on large civil infrastructure projects, It’s blatantly obvious why this project works so well. Take away commercial profit, egos and the what do I get attitude, and what your left with is let’s get this done the best way possible because we want it. Their faith is a true driving force and we all should look at the way we live and apply our own lives.

  28. This is a great project it shows what can be accomplished when an organization is in unity. Much credit should be given to the large army of women who willingly volunteer their time and energy for this project. Both men and women are working together to accomplish this project for the services provide to the community in order to honor Jehovah God.

  29. Take away Greed from any construction project and true harmony will follow!

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