Robotic micro-factories launched to build affordable timber homes

Robotic micro-factories
The robotic micro-factories simplify the supply chain (Image: ABB)

A robotics company and tech startup are using automated modular construction to build affordable and low-energy timber homes.

ABB Robotics and AUAR are working together to deploy robots in a global network of micro-factories to construct buildings made from sheet timber.

Instead of using thousands of components shipped from different places, the robotic micro-factories simplify the supply chain by working with one type of material and one machine type.

The production process uses standard sheets of timber. A robot cuts them into components and assembles them into units that are transported to site, allowing customised homes to be built within weeks.

Robotic micro-factories
(Image: ABB)

While many of the assembly tasks are automated, AUAR said its approach supports local jobs by promoting the use of micro-factories close to construction sites, where local contractors and suppliers can coordinate delivery.

The collaboration with UK-based AUAR follows ABB’s work with German management consultant, Porsche Consulting, to develop new practices in modular housing manufacture. 

AUAR said it had completed a £2.6m seed round led by deep-tech and AI fund Miles Ahead, alongside ABB Robotics & Automation Ventures and several other investors.

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  1. I think this is fascinating.
    I wonder how they would work in our Canadian winters with -30?

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