Ringing the changes: the female construction workers on Big Ben

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  1. In these days of ‘equality’ why is this even ‘news’. Do you propose to interview all the men working on this project?

  2. So sorry you can’t find it in yourself to be more supportive Mike Williams. Well done Construction Manager for publishing noteworthy information showcasing equal opportunities in practice. And an even bigger well done to all those supporting the refurbishment of Elizabeth Tower.

  3. Anthea McDermott states close inspection of the facade was was not possible until traditional scaffolding had been erected( very costly) .
    I understand drones and modern technology have a capacity to provide detailed information of a facade so that an experienced mason could identify areas that require attention for initial cost projections prior to expensive scaffold being erected.
    I am however delighted that so many females have entered the Industry and some are also working on this prestigous project

  4. Mike Williams: as usual, if men aren’t the centre of everything you throw another mantrum. This man is all over the internet, wailing about poor downtrodden men. Give it a rest mate.

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