Pioneering EDI in construction

Jobert Fermilan talks about his role as the Cumbria and Lancashire EDI ambassador.

The role of a hub EDI ambassador is extended to members who demonstrate a genuine enthusiasm for and deep understanding of this crucial policy area. The aim is to empower ambassadors to drive equitable practices within local hubs, regional committees and the Tomorrow’s Leaders community.

EDI, I firmly believe, is not a catchphrase: it is a fundamental ethos that is pivotal to reshaping our industry’s landscape. This rests on two critical pillars: employer actions and supply chain involvement.

Employer action

Employers need a proactive approach, centred on creating a workplace culture that champions authenticity and inclusion. CIOB’s Diversity and Inclusion Charter serves as an invaluable blueprint for this journey.

An environment that refuses to tolerate discrimination is essential and this can be the bedrock for attracting talent. Transparency and accountability complete the cycle. Regularly sharing progress is pivotal for ensuring sustained growth.

Supply chain involvement

To make meaningful strides, supply chain businesses must be educated about the transformative potential of EDI and equipped with the tools to implement it effectively.

Initiatives such as workshops, guidelines and open dialogues are invaluable in ensuring that EDI principles infiltrate every corner of the industry. Main contractors must nurture inclusivity down the line.

The baton of EDI must pass seamlessly from organisation to organisation, much like a relay race. However, this race is not about competition; it’s about collaboration.

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