‘I’ll bet the local rodents will be rubbing their stomachs with delight!’

Image: Karl Bachl GmbH & Co. KG

And to think we needed a feasibility suggest to state what every man and his dog knew to be bleeding obvious!
Arthur Patrick Neeson

Was an immersed tube considered?
John Porter

I don’t think you needed a feasibility study to come to that conclusion.
Ian Bramley

This is typical housebuilders thinking of profit only and not the bigger picture. The government has got it right this time and should be congratulated.
John Griffiths

The government ought to be demanding that new dwellings have solar panels unless dispensation applied for. Then housebuilders can pass on costs and home buyers can get a benefit.
Richard Worsey

Change brings cost but it’s cheaper to install such things at construction rather than post build. Legislation should also require the installation of solar PV/hot water systems on new builds where suitable, again cheaper at time of construction than post build.
Danny Fisher

I’ll bet the local rodents will be rubbing their stomachs with delight! Even plastic-based materials are not proof against rodent attack, if even for nest-building insulation. Has this risk been anticipated and researched?
Andy Chappell

Will this new material be proof against rodents?
Russell Norris

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