HSE appoints Building Safety Regulator lead

Philip White - Building Safety Regulator lead
New Building Safety Regulator lead Philip White (Image: HSE)

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has confirmed Philip White’s appointment as director of building safety (DoBS) on a permanent basis.

White has been leading the work of the Building Safety Regulator (BSR) since April, when he took over from Peter Baker following his retirement after two years in post.

As HSE’s DoBS, White will continue to carry out the duties of the chief inspector of buildings. He will work closely with BSR’s statutory industry and resident committees to ensure both industry and residents’ feedback is reflected in the new regime.

The BSR will become fully operational next year.

White’s responsibilities include keeping the building safety programme on course to deliver against agreed timelines and milestones. He will also champion the need for culture change in the industry and for collective responsibility to improve building safety.

White joined HSE as a trainee inspector in 1985 and has experience in regulating a broad range of industries. As director of regulations in HSE, he has played a leading policy role in setting up the BSR over the past three years.

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  1. The first thing he needs to do is find out exactly what is happening at grass roots level and see the lack of staff and moral.

  2. Slightly disappointed! A person who has experience with building regulations approvals would have provided greater transition.

    It’s fine to outline mandatory procedures but the people outlining these have no experience of ever delivering the service.

  3. I’m miffed, having only ever worked in the construction for 46years, carpenter to a professional chartered surveyor which included being competency tested, as to why I now need to prove my competence over again. During my time in industry I’ve project managed and delivered a Building Control service across many award winning developments in the city of Birmingham. Very disappointed, I feel I’m being informed the country’s education system was not fit for purpose, including my BSC Hons degree and being forced out of industry.

  4. Totally agree.
    I myself have BSc Hons in Building Surveying and have been providing building control with detailed plans and building regs for yrs with no problems. I have now become a Chartered Construction Manager with the CIOB just to gain more qualifications to carry out the same service. What will they dream up next? We are short of skilled personnel within the industry as it is and, this is making the whole process ludicrous what are you thinking?

  5. As with most of these appointments, nothing will change for the better as the government will not put it’s money where it’s mouth is; it will simply not provide the necessary resources to enable the job to be done. Just ask the Environment Agency.

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