HS2 speeds up with digital earthworks

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  1. This has not been given the go ahead yet and should be stopped

  2. All the quicker to destroy swathes of our few remaining historic woodlands, and precious natural spaces.

    On the day that David Attenborough is highlighting how close we are to point of no return on climate change, and we all sit and criticise other countries for destruction of rainforests, what a hypocritical disgrace that we are lauding ways to destroy our own unique natural resources for the sake of a few minutes off a train journey.
    Not to mention how much more benefit could be gained from spending these billions sensibly.

  3. Significant that this is not a scraper job any more. Previously this would have been done so, but with the increased excavator capacity and speed its now cheaper to use this method. The writing is on the wall for scrapers. Sad, no sight more exciting than watching the dirt pile high in the scraper (as the blade pushes from behind) and the it taking off at 40 mph to discard its load elsewhere.

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