Hard hat stickers to signal inclusion and mental health training

Ranbir Atwal, health and safety advisor at Fortel Group

A new scheme has been launched that will see construction workers use stickers on their hard hats to display that they have undertaken training courses on issues such as inclusion and mental health.

The Supply Chain Sustainability School (SCSS) and staff supplier Fortel Group have joined forces for the scheme.

The different stickers on hard hats will indicate that staff have completed certain training courses such as the SCSS’s Fairness, Inclusion and Respect (FIR) ambassador programme, mental health first aid training or Fortel Group’s own LGBTQ+ Ally training. 

The aim behind the initiative is to raise awareness on site as to who can be approached for conversations on these issues, as well as to encourage more workers to undertake the training.

Amar Sandhawalia, Fortel Group chief operating officer, said: “The construction industry is making great strides towards creating a more diverse, inclusive and welcoming environment for people of all backgrounds.

“Our team works with our clients and partners at sites across the UK and we hope that by launching this scheme, we can start positive conversations, as well as boost awareness of the fantastic training opportunities that are available, such as those created by the Supply Chain Sustainability School.

“When someone goes out of their way to learn more about what they can do to help others feel comfortable in the workplace, we want them to be proud of that and encourage others to do the same.”

Fortel has a number of FIR ambassadors among its ranks, with all senior staff completing training during 2020.

Ian Heptonstall, director at the Supply Chain Sustainability School, said: “We are thrilled to be supporting Fortel in rolling out their sticker scheme that identifies trained FIR Ambassadors on sites across the UK. 

“This is a great initiative that encourages open conversations and will help nurture a more inclusive and respectful workplace culture. 

“Thanks for being so pro-active and for joining us on our mission to make workplaces better for everyone."

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  1. In Principal a great imitative, but i was always lead to believe that applying stickers to safety helmets affects the effectiveness and should be avoided, so maybe another form of display would be more appropriate

  2. I was once asked to remove stickers from my site helmet as I was advised that the performance of the helmet is undermined by the stickers.

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