Update on CMA demolition directors disqualifications

Construction directors disqualified

Another demolition director disqualified following an investigation into anti-competitive practice by the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) has been given leave to continue to act as a director subject to a series of conditions.

Nicholas Brown made an application to the High Court for interim leave to continue to act as a director and take part in the management of Brown and Mason Group Limited and NRLB Ltd. 

The High Court ordered such leave subject to a series of conditions prescribed in the order. Brown’s leave to act has only been granted on an interim basis and his final application will be heard by the High Court in September 2023.

Another of the directors that the CMA secured a disqualification for in March, Paul Cluskey, was granted leave to remain as a director and take part in the management of Cantillon Limited (which has subsequently rebranded as Morrisroe Demolition) on 25 May in the High Court.

Michael Cantillon of Cantillon Limited and Cantillon Holdings Limited and David Darsey of Erith Contractors Limited and Erith Holdings Limited remain disqualified to act as directors.

In an earlier version of this story, we indicated that Paul Cluskey had been banned as a director. On 25 May, he was given leave to continue as a director. We have updated the story to clarify this.

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