CIOB Awards 2024: Low Rise Accommodation

CIOB Awards Low Rise

Gold Award Winner: Andrew Deacon, Linear Design & Construct

Project: Lancefield Quay Redevelopment
Scope: Reinstatement of 22 fire-damaged apartments
Client: Lancefield Quay Riverside
Form of contract: SBCC with Quantities
Value: £5.3m

Originally built in 1947 as a transit store and converted to residential in the 1980s, Lancefield Quay on Glasgow’s riverside suffered a fire in 2019 resulting in damage to 22 of the 92 apartments. Andrew Deacon managed the reinstatement of those apartments, which involved the reconstruction of the top floors of the building using timber frame.

Deacon masterminded a redesign of the scaffold to allow faster erection of the timber kits, conservatories and roofs. He also suggested a modification to the gutter widths to prevent them overflowing and staining the walls – as had happened on the existing building.

Other finalists

Jon Kelly MCIOB Storey Homes, The Place Kempston
Paul Lawrence Bellway Homes, Brampton Gate
David Noonan MCIOB Barr Build, Ridgeley Farmhouse
Lee Rowley Barratt Developments, B5 Central

Since 22 households were involved in this project, Deacon effectively had 22 customers to deal with. Each had to choose their kitchens, bathrooms, fixtures and fittings right down to the colour of light switch – a process that was complicated when Covid-related supply chain issues meant that some products and materials were not available. Costs for each apartment had to be individually tracked and signed off.

The replacement section had to match the existing building as closely as possible, which was sometimes a challenge. For instance, the original roof leadwork supplier no longer existed, resulting in an extensive search by Deacon and the architect to find a product close enough.

The handover process was managed on a flat-by-flat basis, with tradesmen retained for six weeks after practical completion so that any snagging could be handled quickly.

Winner Silver Award: Martin Bennett MCIOB, Willmott Dixon

CIOB Awards Low Rise

Project: Caerphilly Housing Pilot Site
Scope: 18 new Passivhaus standard apartments
Client: Caerphilly County Borough Council
Form of contract: NEC3 Option A
Value: 4.8m

The Caerphilly Housing Pilot residential scheme provided the first homes to be built by the council in 20 years and the first in Wales to be built to Passivhaus standards using a light gauge steel frame system.

Martin Bennett was involved from the very earliest stages of the project which saw 18 one-bedroom apartments built across two sites in Trethomas and Trecenydd. He proposed using a light gauge steel frame system which would take the facade off the critical path, allowing internal works to start sooner.

Bennett worked with the supplier to develop a large steel-framed panel system to meet stringent Passivhaus airtightness requirements.

Education and upskilling were a vital part of Bennett’s strategy, from educating the supply chain to explaining the systems to tenants.

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