Robotic microfactories for housebuilding? | UCEM goes to schools

Robotic micro-factories for housebuilding?

[00:25] High-tech companies down through the years have often seen construction as a tantalising frontier, ripe for disruption by new ways of putting things together.

Now, the Swiss multinational manufacturer ABB has entered the fray, with an idea for building affordable housing using robots at site-based micro-factories.

They’ve teamed up with UK architects Automated Architecture (AUAR) to develop the idea.

Global Construction Review’s David Rogers speaks to Craig McDonnell, managing director of ABB Robotics, to learn more.

UCEM goes to schools

[10:10] The University College of Estate Management (UCEM) has been educating built-environment professionals for generations.

Now, they’ve launched a new campaign of outreach to schools.

It says tapping into young people’s naturally fertile imaginations can help enthuse them about the interesting careers available in construction.

CIOB People editor Nadine Buddoo speaks to Charlotte Thackeray, UCEM’s outreach and inclusion lead, to find out more.

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  1. I would like to buy a robot block layer machine.

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