BAM ‘conversation cards’ prompt workers to open up on harassment and personal safety

Contractor BAM has produced a series of “conversation cards” aimed at prompting workers to open up about personal safety, women’s safety, and diversity.

The cards, produced in response to the murder of Sarah Everard, as well as recent media focus on harassment and violence, encourage workers to discuss a range of challenging topics.

Shared via social media both internally and externally to help people have conversations with their teams, the cards ask questions such as: “Have you ever witnessed or had conversations about wolf-whistling or inappropriate behaviour from a stranger? How do you think these would make the person feel?”

One of the conversation cards shared among BAM workers

Another card asks: “Tell us about a time you may have done something to help make someone feel safer.”

And a third reads: “One in three women has been subject to physical or sexual violence in their lifetimes. What’s your thoughts on this?”

BAM said that the conversations sparked by the cards had been “very different”, with some respondents focusing on their own or family’s experience, the impact on mental health and wellbeing, and welcoming the law on public sexual harassment being implemented. BAM workers also discussed education, respect, the effect of having more women in power, and speaking up.

Leanna Martin, senior site manager at BAM Construct, said: “It has been agreed that they shouldn’t feel uncomfortable having these conversations. Have the conversation: Don’t avoid it just because it doesn’t affect you directly. It affects as all.”

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