‘AI won’t take your job, but the people who know how to utilise it might’

AI Solutions
From left: Aleksander Gil, Mar Zumaquero Gomez, Euan Mills, Harrison O’Hara, Gbenga Oludotun

Construction professionals in the West Midlands learned at an event in March how the industry is exploiting machine learning and AI solutions.

Collaborative Conversations West Midlands – Exploring AI Solutions, a cross-institute event with a diverse panel, was chaired by Gbenga Oludotun, MMC lead at Systra UK & Ireland. The panel included Harrison O’Hara, BAM UK & Ireland head of advancing technology and innovation, who shared the company’s strategies for leveraging AI technology.

Aleksander Gil, founding director at Parametrix, talked through the cutting-edge concepts around teaching a machine how to understand a building, with a case study on Queen’s House, Greenwich.

Mar Zumaquero Gomez, global director and innovation management at Arcadis, showed AI in action through case studies in contract management, design data automation and sustainability-driven revenue streams.

Finally, Euan Mills, urban designer, digital planning advisor and co-founder of Blocktype, offered a live demonstration of AI’s practical applications – working out the site capacity, viability and policy implications for a site in Birmingham. 

Following a lively Q&A, the panel was asked for one takeaway point. The most pivotal was: “AI won’t take your job, but the people who know how to utilise AI might.”

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