A new year – and a new look for CM

You may notice something a little different about this month’s CM: we’ve freshened up our design and we’ve also made a subtle change to our name – we are now called Construction Management.

What’s the thinking behind the change? Well, our old title, Construction Manager, was considered by many to be aimed chiefly at the industry professionals who are based on site, managing project delivery. And while that is indeed the role of a sizeable chunk of our readers, there are plenty of others who do something different – clients, consultants, supply chain specialists, academics, legal and financial experts – but who are still involved in some way with ‘construction management’.

So, we feel that our name change provides a better reflection of who our readers are and what they do. And in turn, we plan to make sure that the CM magazine and website content caters to all our readers, whatever area of construction management they work in.

To mark the name change and redesign, we’ve surveyed CM readers to find out a bit more about what makes them tick. We asked them what they like most about a career in construction management. Interestingly, the most popular option – chosen by almost two-thirds of those we polled – was “creating a building or asset that the community benefits from”, while around half said they liked “working as part of a team” and the “potential for a varied career”.

Construction may once again be wrestling with a skills shortage, but there’s proof here that there’s plenty to enjoy about a career in the industry. You can read the survey results in detail here.

Will Mann, editor, Construction Management and BIMplus

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