Zero carbon campaigners lifted by Lords defeat for government

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  1. Eddie Tuttle’s comments are very welcome.
    Many in the Construction industry had significantly invested in training, in new construction methods and techniques in anticipation of Zero Carbon Homes, and its was disappointing that the government pulled the rug from under our feat. Construction like all other sectors has to play its part in moving to a low carbon economy and ZCH is an important part of that.
    For many of us in the industry and certainly for myself, there is pride in designing and constructing, high quality homes which have a high energy performance and low energy bills.

  2. This really needs to be a minimum standard requirement for all UK buildings. Thankfully the House of Lords have recognised the importance and potential benefits of zero carbon buildings. Especially when even HRH the Prince of Wales who addressed UNCCC in Paris 2015 urged the construction industry to sign up to the achievement of Nearly Zero Energy Building by 2020. This is certainly an achievable target, there is more than enough expertise within the industry and innovate products, technology and new processes that will all contribute to the achievement of it, it just needs a new approach and different ways of thinking to enable the industry move forward and to be a world leader in the achievement of these goals.

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