Who in construction is on this year’s Rich List?

Construction rich list - Lord Bamford and Jo Bamford in front of JCB's hydrogen-powered prototype
Lord Bamford (left) and son Jo Bamford of the JCB construction equipment business are among the top 20 wealthiest people on the rich list (Image: JCB)

The Sunday Times has revealed the names of the 350 wealthiest people in the UK.

Among royals, businesspeople and celebrities are 19 people from the construction industry, including longstanding dynasties such as JCB’s Lord Bamford and J Murphy & Sons.

Here’s the full list of construction personalities included on the list:

Rank 2024 (2023)
19 (32)
Lord Bamford and family
54 (54)
John Bloor
Bloor Homes founder
156 (245)
The Sheperd family
Shepherd Building Group (including Portakabin)
172 (178)
Kathy and Bernard Murphy and family
J Murphy & Sons
180 (220)
Steve Morgan
192 (225)
Charles Gallagher and family
207 (212)
The Kirkland family
Bowmer and Kirkland
238 (248)
Clinton, Spencer and John McCarthy
Churchill Retirement Living
255 (261)
David Wilson and family
Wilson Bowden
274 (286)
Jeremy Hitchins and family
Robert Hitchins
275 (284)
Michael Shanly
Shanly Homes
277 (New)
Paul and Johnny Caddick
Caddick Group
279 (New)
Andy Hill and family
The Hill Group
311 (318)
Terry Bramall and family
314 (321)
Tim Wates and family
Wates Group
321 (328)
Eoin McCann and family
FP McCann
328 (New)
Dai and Richard Walters
Walters Group
336 (New)
John Kelly and family
MV Kelly
337 (New)
Eric Gadsden and family
Source: The Sunday Times Rich List 2024
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