What CIOB is doing to engage younger members

The CIOB is paving the way for the next generation of construction leaders to be heard, writes Caroline Gumble.

In my last column, I wrote about updating Members’ Forum delegates on what we’ve accomplished in the past year or so. One of things that has come up at Members’ Forum previously, and something I’m very supportive of, is how we can better engage with younger members.

CIOB has undertaken a lot of work to bring together student members, younger members and those new to the industry.

Earlier this year the CIOB held its first Student Festival. I was impressed to hear so many students and young professionals driving innovation, speaking out about what matters to them and pushing for positive change. I’m pleased to confirm that we will hold another Student Festival next year – watch this space for further details.

Employee-owned Readie Construction encourages junior staff to develop careers with the business (Jodie Allen Photography)

Many of you will also know about our Novus community for individuals in the early stages of their career and the work we’ve done under the banner of the 2030 Visionary Project. We sought views on what the future of the industry will look like and how we can support those likely to be leading the industry in years to come. Through the work of the Inspiring Tomorrow’s Leaders Project a strategy to address the need to build the pipeline of construction management talent has also been developed.

We’re now starting to roll out some of the changes we’re going to make, helping shape a positive and progressive future for the industry and those working in it. The first phase of introducing our Tomorrow’s Leaders Community is underway, through the transition of our Novus representatives into this community.

‘Through the work of the Inspiring Tomorrow’s Leaders Project a strategy to address the need to build the pipeline of construction management talent has been delivered.’

Caroline Gumble

Some of our younger members already demonstrate real leadership without having a formal leadership role, and many of them will be among the future leaders of the industry. I want voices from that community to continue to be an integral part of the CIOB – and to be heard by a wider audience. Integrating our younger members more closely into hubs and other governance structures will strengthen the hubs and allow the influence of our former Novus representatives to be at the heart
of our Tomorrow’s Leaders community.

I look forward to introducing you to CIOB’s Tomorrow’s Leaders in the coming months. This is a group that will be crucial to the future of CIOB. It is important that the voice of the generation who will be leading the industry in and beyond 2030 is heard, represented and given a platform to share their vision.

Caroline Gumble is CEO of the CIOB.

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