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  1. Interesting to read the Top 10 IT trends – specifically online services for mobile devices. One collaboration vendor, UNIT4 Collaboration Software (formerly Business Collaborator), already has an online service that enables users to access their BC project collaboration system, called “BC Mobile”.

  2. “Professionals like Bob Leung envision a future”

    There is no such word in the ENGLISH language as ‘envision’. ‘Envisage’ is the perfectly adequate word you are struggling to find.

  3. Jolly interesting. I have been extolling the virtues of BIM for some time. Teaching a wide range of subjects I think that one must remain flexibly minded and quickly take on board new technologies that increasingly go and will go hand in hand with developments in discrete systems such as architecture, construction, contract procurement, estimating and so on. I intend to print out this article and give it to students for their comment under the banner of professionalism – there are lots of interesting related topics, but really we want open minds and to just go with the flow of new technology and adapt or let systems adapt to suit – this is the modern world – and where will it take us!? A science fictionesque: boldly go……

  4. Found this in the archives. A lot of the predictions are still true today I would say! By the way, Bob is now a partner at where we are building an App to help everyone build better within Construction.

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