Video | CIOB members’ vision for an inclusive future

Members of the Chartered Institute of Building (CIOB) have created a video setting out their vision for an inclusive future in construction.

The film, featuring members of the CIOB’s London and Hemel Hempstead hubs, is called ‘Building an Inclusive Future’.

During the video, steered by Andy Stanley, members describe their experiences and talk about what diversity and inclusion in construction mean to them.

They also invite other construction professionals to share their views on what changes they would like to see to help the industry to be more inclusive. The video is available to watch here:

CIOB members to take part in the video were: Alan McKenzie, Andy Stanley, Anjali Pindoria, Dylan Rishworth, Jean Duprez, Rachael Keeble, and Stuart Wilks.

For more on the CIOB’s commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion, click here.

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