Veganuary in construction: plant-based eco paint launched

A hand with a brush with paint and a bucket.
Paint Zero creators say that its low-energy production avoids up to 90% of the greenhouse gas emissions from liquid paints (Image: Paint Zero)

A Somerset-based company has developed what it claims to be a vegan paint made from 100% sustainable plant extracts, natural minerals and salts.

The creators of Paint Zero say its properties improve indoor air quality and produce high-value carbon credits for constructors, architects and other built environment professionals.

The paint comes in compact lightweight powder packs that are mixed with tap water. Because it is certified as non-hazardous, it can be mixed with absorbent materials such as sawdust for biodegradation with garden or household waste.

An earlier version of the product was second to Europe’s largest paint maker in a competition to provide interior paints for the 2012 Olympics Athlete’s Village, said Paint Zero’s founder and owner, Ross Harling.

This product, called NaturePaint, was used in schools, historic and public buildings. Harling said it was the first and only paint ever to be awarded a ‘zero’ VOC Globe Symbol, a classification that indicates the levels of volatile organic compounds, the chemicals found in solvent-based and many water-based paints.

Harling added that Paint Zero is an improvement from its previous iteration by being available in smaller and lighter packaging, and is vegan-friendly. He said trials showed its performance is similar to many of the leading trade bands.

“This is not a ‘novelty’ but a genuine attempt to offer the construction industry a viable and healthier alternative to fossil-fuel-based products,” he said.

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