UK firms in Qatar threatened with civil actions

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  1. If British firms are subscribing to and supporting this sick system of 21st Century slavery, the sooner the CEO’s are hauled into Court and gaoled/fined the better. Hopefully the fines can be used to pay for the damage they have caused.

  2. Well the issue of kafala system is to be looked into more depth to protect the human rights . In some instances this can be really called modern slavery.

  3. Dear Editor

    It is time British Companies started looking into the Welfare, Health & Safety of all migrant workers.

    I understand from many friends of mine in Middle East, that all migrant workers are treated really badly and welfare standards very very low compared to our standard in UK.

    Kind Regards
    Kanti Patel MBEng MCIOB FFB MCMI

  4. Not trying to defend it but we must put into perspective that conditions around the world are different. It must be remembered that whilst the conditions to western eyes maybe poor it is often significantly better than what they have come from. There is for every one who comes a hundred more ready to step into his shoes as it is still a better life than back home.

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