Tesco outsources design and QS work to India

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  1. Yet again it’s Tesco doing as they please, in this country. It’s about time the UK government stood up to Tesco and put them in their place. There’s a recession still on in the UK, despite what officials say and so Tesco should be passing this work onto BRITISH workers. Another reason why we should all shop at Morrisons and Asda instead.

  2. Why do people keep insisting British Jobs for British workers! All retailers look at the botton line, it’s time to try to promote added value for services to ensure that work is not outsourced overseas.

  3. It seems that if Tesco want Customer Loyalty there are some things they should do to earn that – Investing in British business being one of them. We have a long way to go before we are out of the recession and some national loyalty is in order here. I for one will shop elsewhere from now on. Isn’t that how loyalty works?

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