Survey: skills shortages still rife

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  1. I agree completely with your report.. I was an apprentice surveyor, I started my apprenticeship fifty one years ago (I am now retired) with day release plus night school. I worked in every department starting with estimating and finally in surveying. By the time I reached the HNC I knew more than the lecturers who had not kept up with the improvements in the building idustry.

  2. I was in my 40 es when I returned to university to obtain my degree, I raise the issue with lecturers that some of the teachings where out of date and no longer utilizes within the construction industry and was advised that they where teaching what they where told to teach, though I suspect it was the tutorials and lectures they put together when they joined the university and did not want to give themselves more work updating their information.

    Prior to going to university I obtained an HNC in electrical engineering by attending both day school and night school and worked in various roles and environments in rounding my education. I personally found university quite easy on the technical issues and construction methods, struggled a bit on the math’s side though I don’t believe going to university made be a better manager or really offered any additional technical information than I had already obtained through working in the industry for some 25 years previously.

    I have seen graduates who had just left university bossing around experienced tradesman and failing in their duties due to not knowing how to manage people, lack of either technical knowledge or experience, they portrayed they know better as they where a graduate.

    My own view which may not be accepted by others who attended university straight from school is that whiles education is necessary in various technical / design / managerial roles it does not mean you know everything and the learning stops, it is only the beginning. Individuals working within a specific industry, i.e. oil & gas, nuclear, renewable energy etc may have the same qualification though their experience within a specific industry is what matters and able to offer transferable skills

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