Sexual harassment is not just Hollywood’s problem

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  1. So what if it’s the line manager who is the bully, and HR is right behind them?

    Look at the NHS, anti-bullying policies everywhere, and yet it is a serial corporate offender.

    I know, I was bullied in a job in an NHS estate department, and when I complained they just teamed up and made sure I left.

    My ex-boss (responsible for getting rid of my predecessor as she told me herself, and my succesor as I found out) has however simply risen in their career.

  2. An employer can direct the matter straight to the police [subject to agreement with the victim]. Suggesting the police be contacted can come as a huge relief for the victim as they may not have considered that option. The police have men and women highly trained [the service is free] in awkward situations and where somebody is not telling the truth later on. Employers/HR/Legal sometimes drag things out that benefit nobody.

    If the person is young then parents may need to be brought in quickly.

    Nobody likes any of the above and the person under investigation will ask for union representation. The police will respond by advising a solicitor would be more appropriate.

    A minority [i hope] of people in the BBC, sports establishments, Hollywood, Westminster and construction should not benefit from in-house dragging of feet.

  3. I agree with John. Also if a victim thought about reporting a matter and read the above feature they would probably think : Three months, alcohol, different recollections, this can be difficult etc …

    First believe the person, secondly support them and help them get an outcome.

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