Mayor launches construction race equality campaign

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  1. Surely it would be better to focus on identifying those will an interest / potential to work within the Construction Industry – regardless of race / ethnicity. I dare say that the Mayor’s pushing this more from a Political angle! I wonder at times if the people who come up with so-called “good ideas” / initiatives have ever stopped to consider that no everyone is interested / wanting to take-up a career in the Construction Industry (especially as there are so many other career paths on offer these days). Ideas / schemes such as this are similar to schemes (such as quotas / targets in the Police, Fire Service etc.), and in my view can lead to more division, and cause more friction. Call me old fashioned here, however why not identify / Train / Employ those who are best suited for the job (regardless of their race / ethnic background!!!)

  2. Rather than jumping on every PC bandwagon comes along, the construction industry needs to offer real opportunities to young people.

    It was once possible to start as a site a labourer, or some other such low status role, and go into a trade or work your way up to be a site manager or contract manager. I imagine such a route is near impossible now?

    This notion that there is some kind of prejudice against employing young black men goes against my 30 years of experience where I have seen virtually none.

  3. The first requirement for entry level is to be able to read, write, do simple maths and speak good English. Just on grounds of safety Employers cannot be expected to be involved in that process. That is what the education system has to do.

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