Scaffolding contractors report spike in accidents

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  1. I am a site manager

    And the number of young labourers who help a half trained scaffolder is alarming

    Also quick form / fit scaffold systems the training needs to be better.

  2. Chris,

    Scaffolding Labourers must not be allowed to erect any type of scaffolding. They are permitted to lift and shift and are only allowed on a working platform if the platform is fully complete.

    If you see this on site, take action and stop it or it will continue.

    The skills shortage within the construction sector will allow some employers to attempt to pass untrained operatives off as skilled workers. Don’t fall for it. Carry out checks at pre-let and site induction and complete random checks throughout the construction phase. Check, Check and Check.

    Various system scaffolding training courses are in existence from either the manufacturers or via CISRS approved training organisations.

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