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Quelfire launches campaign and white paper to address fire safety

Quelfire firestopping

Firestopping solutions manufacturer Quelfire has launched a campaign and white paper to shift the narrative and promote an open conversation about embracing responsibility for fire safety.

It also focuses on the importance of early engagement, collaboration, and education in the construction industry.

Since the Grenfell Tower fire and subsequent changes to legislation, fire safety has become a significant industry focus, and the importance of passive fire protection has started to be acknowledged.  

The campaign, titled ‘Because it’s your job to know’, emphasises the industry’s responsibility to recognise the significance of early engagement in firestopping and the selection of suitably tested details. It also highlights the imperative for manufacturers to operate transparently, providing key information to all parties involved in building projects.

Alongside the campaign, Quelfire’s white paper delves into early engagement in more detail, exploring best practices that can save lives, reduce damage to buildings and their contents in the event of a fire, and minimise construction delays and costs.

Engaging stakeholders early

Early engagement means collaborating with the relevant key stakeholders as early as the design stage to retain fire ratings of walls and floors. This is achieved by appropriately sealing service penetrations with tested firestopping systems. It is also about cross-party communication, sharing of information and competencies, and understanding a project’s requirements before the build commences.   

The white paper is a useful guide for anyone designing and managing the installation of service penetration seals, from main contractors to designers and firestopping contractors. It is an invaluable resource for professionals looking to enhance fire safety in their projects. Because it’s your job to know.

Craig Wells, sales director at Quelfire, said: “The construction industry is starting to realise the responsibility it has when it comes to protecting people and property. Though it has taken a national tragedy and subsequent legislative changes to create the catalyst for change, change is happening.

“We at Quelfire will continue to test, share, and educate to support this change and, ultimately, create safer spaces. It is a pleasure to launch this campaign and white paper, which seeks to provide insight into best practices concerning the passive fire protection of service penetrations. Knowledge is power.”

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