Prototype offsite house can be built in a single day

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  1. Steel framing for domestic housing is completely unnecessary, timber would cut the cost and do the same job structurally.

  2. Though this concept is a great idea why should it only be used for student accommodation the housing sector and emergency shelter. It seems to me that the creators of module homes deem there products only worthy of those in desperate need. In china they have the ability to build modular homes and ship them to us for a fraction of the cost than us building a better quality home is that where the industry is going. Back in post war times concrete homes were been built quick and as a temporary measure there still been used to day and many offer unfair living conditions for the poor. Not to mention the jobs impact it would seem were in a world where the rich don’t want to share there wealth they only want to look after there self’s.

  3. “A design life of at least 60 years”.

    Is this when DIYers discover they cannot do anything to improve their homes or before?

    A bit like us amatuer mechanics discovered with our computerised cars.

    Perhaps the plan is to disassemble the homes at 60 years and replace them with a new model.

    It looks as if we have more to do in validating this design.

  4. @Benjamin Sewell

    A design life of at least 60 years suggests these are not houses your offspring are going to want to inherit?

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