‘I have huge ambitions for our industry’

Maddie Beech Kier Construction
Maddie Beech, Kier Construction Southern

The quantity surveyor, at Kier Construction Southern explains why she chose construction, ambitions and involvement in Tonorrow’s Leaders.

What made you choose construction as a career choice? What else might you have done?

I didn’t know what I wanted to do when I left school, so I travelled and worked in various roles, eventually falling into an admin role at a main contractor. After working with a team of quantity surveyors, I knew this was something I was interested in and I was eventually supported through the degree programme.

I moved to Kier Construction and have since completed my degree and have been promoted to quantity surveyor and commercial lead on a local framework.

What are your ambitions for your career?

The sky’s the limit! I plan to keep challenging myself and pushing myself to take the next steps in my career with no cap in sight. I also have huge ambitions for our industry as a whole and aim to be a part of the positive, tangible change on the horizon to make construction an industry for everyone.

You are very active in Tomorrow’s Leaders. Why, and what does it deliver for you?

I’ve met the most wonderful and inspiring people – my network has vastly expanded thanks to the events I’ve helped to organise and attended. It is important to keep learning and developing yourself while you are working and to be able to shape these events and opportunities for others is a real privilege.

What do you do in your spare time?

I love being creative and channel this through a lot of DIY projects doing up my house, I’m hoping to take on a fixer-upper soon to really test my DIY and design skills. I love the satisfaction of completing a project and I’m in the perfect industry to get the best tips and tricks.

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