‘No evidence’ Japanese knotweed damages structures, Aecom says

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  1. I agree with the report findings. In over 30 years surveying buildings and structures where Japanese Knotweed is present, I found no structural damage. Furthermore, I have been monitoring a large clump of Japanese Knotweed at my local park and this growth is close to tram tracks, over the last 6 years the growth has not expanded it just produces leaves and flowers in the spring and summer and dies back in the autumn and winter.

  2. I’ve seen more damage from buddleia and mares tail than JK. The zonal recommendations on JK add some sanity to its fearful reputation. There are far more other serious concerns than this which surveyors have to contend with when it comes to damage. And the cost/loss implications are bewildering. IMHO. :)

  3. As a Home Condition Surveyor, I’ve yet to come across JK, but along with certain species of trees, JK is a serious consideration during a survey. My question is will this report filter into the surveying community. When can we use such research within our surveys.

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