Nigeria ODA

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  1. what shall be the punishment?
    Just hang him to death.
    There are many of them still flouting in the current market everywhere, especially from African nations.

  2. Very good Robert Simon.

    Sounds like an excellent idea, and I’m glad that we’ve got that small problem out of the way.

    Moving onto bigger problems, how do you propose we deal with the likes of Balfour Beatty, Kier and the other 100 plus British owned companies that have been actually found guilty of ripping off the taxpayer to the tune of tens of millions of pounds?

    Kier for example was fined £18Million.

    Midlands’ Interserve Project Services was fined £12 million.

    Galliford Try was fined £8Million

    Balfour Beatty was fined £5Million.

    Your excellent idea suggests that we hang to death the African who has not been proven guilty.

    I wonder what sort of punishment would be proportionately suitable for the British executives of Kier and Co.

    Over to you Einstein.

  3. The headline, “Nigeria ODA” is highly misleading to say the very least.

    The guilty party, Ansmana Kamara is from Sierra Leone.

    The headline should therefore, read SIERRA LEONE ODA.

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