‘New site safety role’ needed to meet Hackitt recommendations

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  1. Surely what the Principal designer should already be doing as per CDM2015!

  2. If there was such a competency, it would take 20 years to get it.

    I guess being an Architect, completing a QS degree, working some of the time in a PM role, at times having to review the work of Engineers and request corrections, I wouldn’t qualify…

  3. Once upon a time there was a Clerk of Works. Sadly, a role not required in the modern construction industry. There is nobody checking what is being built!

    There will be no improvement until proper training across all disciplines is put in place. Skills, management and safety training need rethinking for an industry where the big players are actually a minority.

    With the over reliance on cheapest price sub-contractors, who are left to their own devices on site because the site manager spends all his time at a desk, it is no surprise a lack of quality is endemic in the industry and why so many buildings fail basic scrutiny.

    How long will it be before there is a resurgence of the CDM Co-ordinator or similar role I wonder?

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