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New CIOB MD seeks to strengthen links with grass roots

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  1. Interesting observation above… Being at the top of an organisation with only your relevant experience and proven management skills but no qualifications or training is definitely a precarious position in a volatile industry like construction. I hope at least he holds a managers Black CSCS card; but not even being a company director, a Fellow and chartered with a Bsc in engineering will get you one of those.
    Perhaps the precise definition of ‘skills’ should be agreed in your dialogue with CITB who administer the Construction Skills Certification Scheme Mr Watts.

  2. I think the damage has already been done in the disaster that was the hub-elections. In our region, we no longer have a hub, or a committee and a big bunch of disaffected hard working people who used to serve the region and connect with CIOB members regionally. I’d like to have a one to one with Mr Watts to see if anything can be done to repair that damage?

  3. Putting all personal views aside (having gone through the full LIOB / MCIOB exams) I believe the Institute must decide just how seriously it wants to be considered alongside the RIBA & RICS. It was bad enough for their examinations to be abolished & replaced by some dubious watered down degrees, but to then offer exemption based on NVQs was totally ludicrous & did our standing in the industry no favours at all.

  4. Communication is a nightmare now, hard to get a phone number or email that connects to a person and even harder to get a response. Problems with the chartership routes, too old to be in the academy, too young to be in this experience route so completely ignored. Starting to wonder what I pay membership for.

  5. I find the CIOB agenda quite strange at the moment. There is a digital tidal wave approaching our industry which will totally transform the way we work, and will affect everyone in some form or another. Those in early and mid career are particularly vulnerable, both from an organisational and individual career perspective. This will become the number 1 issue over the next few years. What’s the plan guys?

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