Is NBS becoming the Google of BIM?

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  1. Very interesting insight into software development and the way forward for BIM. As a non-BIM user I has always wondered where to obtain “objects” and how that process worked. Many thanks John and CIOB.

  2. John, I am pleased my Level 3 joke made it to the top of the story :-) The completion of the DPOW and therefore (electronic MIDP) are really important to making Level 2 complete and more accessible.

  3. I respect the RIBA Enterprises and NBS particularly the innovative approach they have adopted.

    The fundamental difference between them and Google however is that with Google you rank through good practice and excellent content. In other words being a specialist at the subject that is searched.

    In total contrast to this the only way your details are promoted in accordance to what you pay RIBA.

    What this means is that you will get the information which pays the high RIBA Enterprise prices rather than the best information for you.

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