MPs divided over Parliament restoration move

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  1. Move parliament to the poorest region of the country and let out the HoP on a long lease to the highest bidding developer to use as high end accommodation / hotel / office space. This should generate an overall profit of many millions!

  2. Sir Edward Leigh has a point and one that should be seriously considered. Already the cost of this project is too high and adding further costs by building a temporary Commons would not garner much support from the voters.

    Most of the time the Commons is largely unpopulated with MPs as the majority of discussions do not require a full attendance.

    The first place to start with this is to identify actual attendance figures of MPs and support staff to assess whether or not a new building can be justified or whether the temporary use of the House of Lords would suffice.

  3. Perfect location would be adjacent to the HS2 interchange in Solihull. In the middle of the UK with road, rail and air links on its doorstep. Would massively add to the business case for HS2 and rebalance the UK economy. Lets look forward to the 21st century, not backward to the 18th.

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