Morrell wants to see contractors retrofit Acacia Avenue

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  1. There is a huge market out in the social housing field by way of Housing Associations, Local authorities, ALMOs and other RSLs. A large number of these organisations are still trying to achieve Decent Homes while fighting budget cuts and the diversion of funds to new build projects.

    Any company that can offer and deliver an expertly managed project that incorporates the decent homes standard with carbon reduction and other added value measures, so that these organisations are getting “something for nothing”, is on to a good thing. The key is in the delivery. All too often I have seen much promised and a failure to deliver on the promise. A company that can demonstrate a good track record of delivering in this field is likely to be well recieved.

    While new build is important, the major carbon reduction will come from existing housing stock, built when the requirements were less and thought to carbon emmisions was minimal if not non-existant.

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