Mayor were they? CIOB disappointed at mayoral candidate no-shows at hustings

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  1. Great title!

  2. It is disappointing that Cons and Lab aspirants to the Mayoral office were not in attendance to present their plans and vision for alleviating London’s affordable housing shortage. This tells me that they have no plans or vision, and that the platitudes put out by the aspirants present also represent a shallow grasp of the issues.

    It is clear that restrictive planning laws have to be reviewed and even rolled back and none of them have indicated any willingness to engage politically in this process.

    There is no alternative- abandon planning restrictions, determine greenbelt areas conducive to careful and sensitive development capacity, incentivise rehabilitation of brownfield development sites and review out-of-balance financing and ownership structures.

    The construction industry along with its brethren professions, need to get far more vocal about this issue- otherwise the Great City of London will suffocate and die…

  3. Hello Andrew. Abandon planning restrictions, I hear you say?!

    Planning changes since 2010 have significantly reduced planning restrictions. The NPPF has removed huge amounts of planning guidance (some of was pretty useful and important). Regional plans with the exception of the Local Plan have been scrapped. The Code for Sustainable Homes and Zero Carbon Homes (at least outside London) have both been binned in favour of very basic National Technical Standards which do nothing to address either the climate or ecological crisis. If we remove any more planning policy will end up with buildings unfit for the future, with no resemblance to local vernacular and there will be no proper democratic control over development. At the end of the planning committees, and planning departments are democratic institutions working on behalf of citizens.

    Do you want to live in a country were citizens have no say whatsoever in planning? I certainly don’t.There is also very little evidence to suggest that planning policy is what is stopping homes being built. Lack of bank lending, reductions in government social housing capital funding, large amounts of land sitting in land banks not being developed, lack of land for self builders are some of the major causes.

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