Mark Farmer named MMC housebuilding champion

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  1. It is a little depressing for someone of my age, who worked in the construction industry in the 1960/80 in what as then known as industrialised construction section, often working with the BRE.
    We as a company constructed many thousands of homes in both Timber frame and Modular timber frame construction.
    Large precast concrete panel and precast brick panel construction, mainly in multi storey flat construction
    Now 50 or so years on we appear to not have moved very far forward in this area.
    I know they were not always viewed as perfect but it was a start!

  2. There seems to be a big rush into steel frame, volumetric boxes, when timber frame is probably a greener, cleaner method of construction that still ticks all the boxes.
    I have a vested interest, representing the Weinmann company who manufacture machinery for, admittedly, both markets, but is the government right to be seen to be pushing in one direction?
    Let’s now see a few articles on panelised timber frame production to balance the argument a little.

  3. Fantastic news, can’t think of a better bloke to grip MMC and drive it forward, the industry needs a kick up the eighties, it’s time to move on.

  4. Will the bias against Modular Steel construction come to an end?

    So called “volumetric boxes” are the result of the architects and designers, not the manufacturers of Modular Steel products who only make what they are asked to make.

    Steel has infinitely more benefits, especially in terms of cost, time taken to build, carbon footprint, site traffic and pollution andthe obvious one of longevity.

    Apart from being impervious to woodwrom, dry and wet rot, gnawing rodents and boring insects Modular Steel Construction also has one massive key benefit over timber – it doesn’t burn down readily, unlike timber framed houses and care homes that have been doing so recently.

    Of course many people live in the past – India is 10 years ahead of the UK so what does that tell you about the UK’s resistance to change and improved methods?

    Hopefully more attention will be paid to modular offsite steel construction and the myriad of benefits to the contractor and buyer and won’t be biased to support those who cannot or will not move with the times.

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