Major housing client slams contractors over asset data

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  1. This is another sad case of a Client absolving themselves of responsibility & blaming the Main Contractor & his Sub-Contractors instead; a perverse trend in construction today! How pathetic & naive that a Client doesn’t know what his building is constructed with ‘till he does a latent defects inspection! Construction today is ever more complicated with new methods & materials appearing almost daily. So, to ensure that their buildings are constructed to conform to their specification & that any substitutions are also approved & compliant, including workmanship, an ‘old fashioned’ process known as ‘SUPERVISION’ must be employed, either by the Architect directly or an appointed Clerk of Works. Problem is today, that Clients believe they can save money by not employing either & relying on the Main Contractor & his Sub-Contractors; this is naive at best. Then when there is a problem, they land all the responsibility & remedial costs onto the Main Contractor, which also results in delays & additional costs for the Client! Mistakes will happen. So, fail to plan, plan to fail! Clients, you only have yourselves to blame!

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