Mace, Morgan Sindall back toolkit to help avoid packaging waste

Packaging waste - A pile of plastic rubbish.
The UK construction sector produces 35,000 tonnes of plastic packaging waste every year (Image: Yuru Herasimenka via

An online free resource to help the construction industry avoid unnecessary packaging waste has been launched, backed by Mace and Morgan Sindall.

The 33-page toolkit has been produced by the Alliance for Sustainable Building Products (ASBP), a not-for-profit organisation working towards a low-carbon built environment sector.

The toolkit is part of the Zero Avoidable Packaging waste in construction (ZAP) initiative funded by the Ecosurety Exploration Fund to support projects addressing the environmental challenges presented by packaging, batteries or e-waste.

Toolkit project partners include Mace, Morgan Sindall, Bankside Open Space Trust and Cullinan Studio.

The illustrated toolkit provides checklists, infographics, Q&As and case studies aimed at the whole construction supply chain, including clients, contractors, designers and manufacturers.

Packaging waste may account for between 5% and 50% by volume of a construction project’s total waste, with an average of 34% by volume, according to ASBP. Additionally, the UK construction sector produces 35,000 tonnes of plastic packaging waste annually, very little of which is recycled.

ZAP project manager and ASBP projects and communications coordinator, Larry Tate, said: “The toolkit is designed to be an interactive, easily digestible set of short guidance notes relevant to industries across the sector. This includes ‘one-pagers’, top tips, and real-world examples and case studies.

“Practical tools are included to aid the industry in taking further steps in first reducing packaging waste, as well as identifying reuse opportunities and increasing recycling and recycled content. Importantly, this toolkit offers solutions which aim to divert the tide of construction packaging waste that still goes to landfill or incineration.”

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