Video | Mace installs huge 216t link bridge at Manchester Airport

Mace has lifted a colossal 216t, two-storey new link bridge into place at Manchester Airport’s Terminal Two.

The 27m long, 10m high bridge will connect the existing terminal building to a new ‘pier’ currently under construction, which will offer additional aircraft gates, stands and seating.

The bridge was constructed using more than 270 pieces of steel, comprising metal decking and 150mm concrete slab flooring. It was pre-assembled on the airfield over three months and then moved into its final place last week using a giant self-propelled motorised unit. The process took eight hours.

The project was part of the ongoing £1.3bn Manchester Airport Transformation Programme (MAN-TP) to modernise the airport’s Terminal Two, which is scheduled for completion next year.

Mace is overseeing the second phase of the MAN-TP project.

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